why is your beer vegan?

Beer is naturally hazy. Traditionally, to help clear the beer quickly for serving in a pub, cask ales have a fining agent added to them. Believe it or not this agent is made from the swim bladders of fish (yep. fish.), which is why a lot of beer can't be classed as vegan. We think that adding fish swim bladders to our beers isn’t the way to go.
Please note that whilst most of our beers are vegan, our Parabellum Milk Stout, although still unfined, isn't. This is because it has unfermentable lactose sugar added to it (hence the 'Milk').


which beers are gluten free?

We have three Gluten Free beers in our range:

Scaramanga - 3.9% Extra Pale Ale
Project Babylon - 4.6% American Pale Ale
Numb Angel - 4% Lager
To ensure these are below the 20ppm threshold needed to qualify as Gluten Free, before packaging, every single batch is tested using a Biocheck Gluten R5 Flow Through Test. 


do you do brewery tours?

I'm afraid not. There are too few of us and not enough time in the week to do it properly.

Can I buy a cask for a party?

You can indeed. You can order through our online shop and collect from us here at the brewery.

To serve it you just need a sturdy table and a couple of blocks of wood to stop it rolling around. You will need to tap and spile the beer before serving. It’s not a tricky process and one we can explain to you when you collect. We’ll lend you the tap & spile.

As we don’t use cask finings in our beer, it is naturally hazy and there is no need to leave it to settle for a long time before serving.
Depending on where it’s going to be served, to keep it cool, you might also want to order an Ice Blanket. These can also be ordered from our online shop.
Due to the weight of the cask and the fact that we do need it back, these are for collection from the brewery only and it is worth giving us a ring to double check we have the beer you’re after before placing an order.
A returnable £50 deposit will be required for the cask & tap (in cash or a cheque) when you come to collect.